Special Hockey Camps for Teams

Our hockey & diagnostic centre HDC Slovakia is providing special camps for hockey teams which seek professional trainings. Camps are focusing on development of Gaming Skills of players and whole team - team performance.


Hockey teams


These camps place high requirements on the participating players and are intended for all, who seek professional preparation.
Camps are focusing on development of Gaming Skills of player and whole team, in particular:

  • practicing different ways of shooting
  • keeping the puck in short turns
  • faking
  • preliminary games in a small space

Hockey camp consist of: 


  • Trainings on ice
  • Trainings on Hockey Skating Treadmill
  • Dryland trainings / Trainings at gym
  • Stickhandling practices
  • Outdoor / Indoor training
  • Compensation trainings & stretching

  • Testing of fitness-coordination skills (SportTesting Dryland)
  • Biomechanical video analysis of skating techniques on Hockey Skating Treadmill
During hockey camps at HDC Slovakia, we also use unique technologies and equipment to efficiently improve skating techniques:

  • Instructor - a software program to demonstrate exercises
  • Live Delay - a software program and camera system that provides feedback
  • PN (Peripheral Navigation) - Improved shooting and peripheral vision
  • SN (Shooting Navigation) - Improved shooting and peripheral vision
  • StridePower - development of special endurance and speed
  • Laser system - a tool to improve the push off phase during skating
  • High-quality gymnasium (sled, parachutes, Vertimax, STdyne, etc.)

full hockey equipment with sharpened skates, gym clothes and shoes for gym and outdoor